Tulum Modern Turkish Cuisine

  • $49.00

Tulum a much acclaimed modern Turkish restaurant in Melbourne, awarded in 2018 its first Chefs Hat by the Melbourne Good Food Guide, is the creation of one of Australia's most exciting new chefs, Coskun Uysal.

With 7 chapters representing the 7 diverse regions of Turkey, each with their own seasonal ingredients, this handsome cookbook captures the essence of Tulum's delicious modern Turkish cuisine. Every 3 months Tulum's menu moves to a different region of Turkey, and now this book allows the home cook to create delicious simple yet refined dishes for all of the 7 regions.

Tulum takes traditional, usually Anatolian, recipes and gives them contemporary twists using modern techniques. Coskun's Australian diners can now appreciate the varieties and rich traditions of Turkish cuisine, which is a far cry from its old image of dips and kebabs.

About the Author

Raised dirt poor in the back streets of Istanbul, Coskun was inspired by his mother's cooking and followed his dream by paying his dues in the restaurant Turkey before opening his very own successful restaurant in Istanbul, Moreish. After following his partner to Melbourne, Coskun worked in restaurants to save for his own brand new establishment. In 2017 Coskun and Tulum were nominated for Best Chef of the year, Best Casual Dining and Best new restaurant taking out the Best Casual Dining by Time Out Melbourne.