Tiger Tribe - Felt Stories - Once Upon A Garden

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Tiger Tribe - Felt Stories - Once Upon A Garden

Product Description:

Bringing back fuzzy childhood memories, Felt Stories - Once Upon a Garden is beautifully illustrated and so fun to use. Using imagination and the mix and match pieces, kids can create a new garden story, every time they play.

Designed to foster creativity, pretend play and storytelling, kids use the felt pieces to bring the garden to life on the fuzzy storyboard. What happens when two spot-dotty ladybirds go for a garden stroll? What other busy little creatures might they meet along the way. Will the colourful caterpillar eat some of the juicy red tomatoes in the pot? And where will the busy bees get their food?

Felt Stories - Once Upon a Garden is a mess-free creative way for young ones to develop imagination and fine motor skills. And each time they play they can create a new scene and story too. Lightweight and compact this is a must-have item for when mum and dad need some time out at the cafe. And perfect for keeping little hands busy when traveling.


  • Mess free activity set designed to foster creativity, pretend play, storytelling and fine motor skills
  • Unplugged, battery and screen-free portable play
  • Each set includes 1 x fuzzy storyboard, 3 x sheets of press-out felt pieces
  • Great for gifting
  • Suitable age 3+