Mindful Marlo - Wheatbag - Willow

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Mindful Marlo - Wheatbag - Willow

Product Description:

Want a natural way to relieve aches, pains or cramps while winding down from life’s daily pressures? Then this colourful, rectangle wheatbag will do the trick.

Generously sized and filled with 100% Australian-grown organic wheat, this wheatbag not only distributes the heat or cold evenly to where it matters most, it also moulds perfectly to your body.

With its added make-you-smile guarantee, you’ve just tracked down the perfect self-care gift to yourself or someone special in your life.

We’ve even thought of the aesthetics. This water-based ink print by Australian artist, Rebecca Kate , is exclusive to Mindful Marlo and upgrades this Willow rectangle wheatbag to centrepiece status.


  • Generously sized and flexible so it moulds to most areas of your body
  • Natural pain relief for pains, aches and cramps
  • Unscented design to accommodate allergies and sensitivities
  • Can be used hot or cold as the perfect flexible solution
  • Doesn’t ‘melt’ or get wet as opposed to traditional ice packs
  • Original commissioned design by Australian artist, Rebecca Kate
  • Artist signature in bottom right corner so you know it’s authentic
  • Free from toxins so you can unwind with peace of mind
  • The perfect thoughtful gift for someone special in your life

Our wheatbags are a generous size measuring approx 38x16cm and weigh approx 1kg. Same design printed on both sides.

Made from 100% Cotton covering, filled with Australian grown organic wheat.

How To Use:

  • Heat in microwave and soothe aching muscles
  • Heat in microwave and keep cosy and warm during the colder months
  • Store in freezer and use as a cold pack (doesn't 'melt' or get wet)
  • Store in freezer and use to cool down in summer
  • Relieve period pain

It is important to follow these instructions carefully as overheating or inappropriate use may result in injury or fire.


Wheatbags are not recommended for people who may have reduced awareness of temperature or feeling in their skin e.g. Diabetics, people with nerve damage, or people with an impairment that prevents them from recognising they may be burnt.

- Do not use if the wheatbag smells or looks burnt. If it does smell or look burnt, allow to cool on a non-combustible surface and then throw away.
- Please keep the wheat hydrated, especially if you use the wheatbag frequently as this will reduce the event of the grains drying out and burning. If you do use your wheatbag regularly, we recommend spraying the wheatbag lightly with a water spray bottle.
- Do not leave wheatbag unattended in the microwave in case of fire.
- To avoid burns, do not use directly on skin. Use a cover, clothing, or a towel between wheatbag and skin.
- Always give the wheatbag a gentle shake to even out heat before use. If too hot, do not use straight away, allow the wheatbag to cool down first. If the wheatbag requires more heat, place in microwave for 10 second intervals until desired heat is reached. Do not heat wheatbag in microwave for more than two and a half minutes.
- Do not use wheatbag on the same part of the body for more than five minutes continuously as continuous heat may burn.
- Use with caution, wheatbags can burn skin when used incorrectly and particularly with the elderly and children.
- Do not let children microwave wheatbags.
- Always supervise children when using a wheatbag.
- Microwave only, do not heat wheatbag in gas or electric ovens or on stovetops.
- Place wheatbag flat in centre of microwave plate and ensure wheatbag is rotating freely.
- It is not recommended to add oils or fragrances to the wheatbag as these may increase the risk of fire.
- Do not ingest.
- Do not use when wet.
- Do not reheat until completely cold.
- Do not put away into storage until completely cold.
- Do not use under bedding as the wheatbag may catch fire.
- Do not wash or soak your wheatbag. If fabric is dirty, wipe with a damp cloth.
Store wheatbag in a cool, dry place.