Loose Leaf

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Observe nature, be inspired by it and start experimenting. These are the tenets upon which Loose Leaf was created by botanical designers Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler. In their stunning book, Loose Leaf, they show us the many ways we can get creative with nature. It’s filled with ways to bring the beauty of nature into our homes and our lives.

Each chapter is dedicated to design with different natural materials such as cut flowers and foliage, sculptural medium and living plants. 10 projects explore the full range of Wona and Charlie's unique sculptures and botanical installations. In each project they show us practical ways to get creative with nature, including how to make items such as seasonal wreaths, hanging gardens, organic sculptures as well as the secrets behind their signature Monstera chandeliers.
Loose Leaf harnesses the belief that by bringing the outside in through design with natural material such as plants and flowers, you can realise the importance of nature and learn its nobility. It showcases earthy and inventive flower and foliage arrangements for your home with basic information on the types of vegetation that work together harmoniously. From your own backyard to urban roadsides and far-flung coastlines, Loose Leaf’s incredible botanical art will kick-start your own ideas and creativity.

About the Author

Wona Bae has a passion for flowers. A Korean and German trained florist, she is a Master of Kokozi (Korean style Ikebana) and Master of Floristry in Germany where she studied under the guidance of the legendary, Ursula Wegener. Korean born, Wona grew up on a flower farm in South Korea where she learned the family trade from a young age. Her name literally means `the best seedling'. Today Wona works as a botanical designer, teacher and sculptor in Melbourne, Australia.

Together with husband and creative partner Charlie Lawler, the pair have created Loose Leaf, a botanical design studio and carefully considered retail and workshop space, where they specialise in both permanent and temporary botanical design and installations for events and exhibitions.

Charlie Lawler has a Master of Design, and has also studied Permaculture Design. As well as working as a botanical designer and natural sculptor at Loose Leaf, he is a co-founder of Grow Day plant fair, an enthusiastic event that includes plants, botanical wares and workshops for plant lovers.

A passionate supporter of local artists, Jacqui Vidal is the founder of the limited edition print gallery Signed & Numbered and co-founder of botanical wares studio, Ivy Muse.