Iconic Toy - Camp Fire

  • $89.99


Most of us have fond childhood memories of camping with our families. Long days (and nights) surrounded by nature, exploring, improvising — with a few sibling arguments thrown in! The great thing about camping is the fact that it hardly changes as time goes on. These days, we may have a few extra gadgets and slightly more rain-proof tents, but the art of returning to nature and getting back to basics will always be the best part about it. Our Camp Fire toy lets you recreate these great outdoor memories — in the comfort of your own home if you don't feel like getting your fingers dirty or sleeping bags wet. And so perfectly-on-point in front of your little one’s indoor tent or tepee.

This set comes complete with tripod to hold the billy can and sits flawlessly above the flames and logs. Use your camp fire stick to cook a prawn or sausage for dinner, but save room for dessert! We’ve packed supplies for roasted marshmallows and S'mores too! This is our impression of the timeless Camp Fire with all the nostalgia you would expect and love from a classic wooden toy. So, whatever the weather, gather around the Camp Fire with your family or friends, and let the world go by around you.