Dove and Dovelet

Dream Leather Grasp Ring

Dream Leather Grasp Ring


Our Dream catcher style leather teething ring is made from Eco maple wood and leather.

The 100% sustainable Australian kangaroo leather is vegetable tanned in mimosa (wattle) bark and left undyed. Unlike some commercial leather it is BPA free, heavy chemical free, chromium free and 100% sustainable.

The hand sanded maple wood ring measures 10cm and is as smooth as your baby's bottom!

Does your baby love chewing on leather? Mine does. Now you can give them a safer alternative to your handbag handle or purse. 

Please note leather is a natural material and as such may have a variation in the grain and appearance to the one shown. Leather is an animal product. Not suitable for vegans.

Care instructions
Wash your Dove and Dovelet piece gently in warm soapy water. Reshape with hands and allow to air dry completely. Once dry condition wood if desired. Do not keep any teething item in a closed container. Wash frequently.