Apiary Made - Assorted Three Pack Wraps: Hand Painted Bee Pattern

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Apiary Made - Assorted Three Pack Beeswax Wraps: Hand Painted Bee Pattern.

Product Description:

A truly artisanal offering, this set of Apiary Made Beeswax Food Wraps features monochromatic designs hand-printed by the Apiary Made team. Our recently updated design features elegant black bees, classic honeycomb shapes and Apiary Made logo on a neutral background. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and natural tree resin. 

Included in pack: 1x large wrap (32 x 34cm), 1x medium wrap (25 x 26cm), 1x small wrap (20 x 21cm).

Perfect for wrapping sandwiches, vegetables, bread, snacks, cheeses, half an avocado & covering bowls and containers.